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What is GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance)?

GRC is a programme designed to for risk management across various activities that take place within an organisation. It teaches effective information sharing and reporting according to applicable laws and regulations. Our course is developed to widen your knowledge and give you the skills needed to create internal controls over resources. With these skills you will have the ability to monitor and measure objectives or growth patterns in a way that directs to the goals of the organisation.

Corporations must ensure that their company’s financial information presented to the public is stable and reliable. This includes all business documentation, electronic records and communications. GRC plays an important role in preventing and detecting fraud. Protecting the organisation’s resources is essential and GRC solutions secures resources that are both physical and intangible.

Our course is a 3 day boot camp experience, which is highly focused on training designed to teach you the key internal controls needed to transform your company into a place that delivers a thorough performance. It will show you how the practical applications of stringent internal controls work, and how good governance can improve company activities, bolster confidence in the financial information of your company and hence attract quality foreign, and local investment.

During the 3 days you will learn:

· The importance of keeping accurate documentation and the changes that may be required to make robust controls sustainable
· How the improper use of technology hardware and software can seriously expose a company with poor controls
· Insider transactions and conflicts of interest
· Setting up independent and competent audit committees
· Responsibilities of auditors
· Signing off on financial statements by the CEO and Qualified Accountants
· Whistle blower protection policies
· Document destruction
· Risk Assessment

Additional information:

The course begins on the 28th of April 2015, and is based in London at the London School of Economics. It costs £999 (there is a 15% discount for at least 3 participants from the same organisation) and fees include lunch, teas, and course materials. Hands-on activites, case studies and group discussions are part of the learning format.

Who should attend?

All managers and professionals who need to understand and implement internal controls within their work remits is suitable for this course as well as;

· Finance personnel, internal auditors
· External auditors
· IT and information security managers and professionals
· Chief risk and compliance officers
· IT Auditors
· IT Security and management consultants
· CEOs
· HR Professionals
· Boards of Directors and members of Finance and Audit Committees

To take on this course please Register (the form will only take 5 mins to complete). For enquiries or further information call or email;
E: [email protected]
Tel: 07906343050

This course is organised by Brandstad Consulting
For event and visa enquiries please email, [email protected]


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