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Help Students into Work Experience


Most of our students are very keen on gaining skills and experience that they can carry with them into the following steps of their career. During the time of their work experience, students are placed on a 12 week training programme held, where they are trained for work and given knowledge of principles and work ethics. The employer has no financial obligations as the work experience is free of charge and employers are not required to provide a permanent position after the placement ends.

If you believe you can provide students with some experience, and at the same time would like support in administration or in the accountancy function you can contact us with a job description, and we can arrange for one of our advisers to visit you.

How it works

1. The company agrees to sign up to the Steps into Work Programme
2. An advisor visits the employer to go through the following:
(a) Health and Safety Check
(b) Necessary insurance certificates – Employers and Public
(c) Potential job description, preferred hours and days of work
(d) Signing of the Service Level Agreement

3. The Company will then be sent CVs of suitable candidates who have been pre-screened/pre-interviewed and meet your requirements or are a close match.
4. The company then chooses which candidates they would like to interview.
5. Once a Candidate is selected, the start date, actual hours and days of work are agreed and the work experience placement commences.
6. If the candidate is subsequently found to be unsuitable or is unable to complete the placement e.g. they get employment elsewhere – another candidate will be provided for the remaining period (subject to availability).

Benefits to the Employer

· There is no charge to the Company
· Your Company can meet set targets as student(s) will be in place to assist with staff duties therefore saving you time and money
· Companies can assess the suitability of potential full time employees before recruiting them saving on recruitment costs
· As we specifically deal with Accounts and Finance and we are training students in these areas, the specific skills needs of the Company will be closely matched to the student’s experience
· You will be helping a student gain confidence and experience to gain employment
· As our students are pre-screened for our training programme you can be assured they have had or are having relevant tuition and that they have a genuine desire to work in Accounts / Finance
· Bizness Training Centre supports both the mentor and the student during the eight week period of work experience and for two weeks after (should you decide to employ them). As such we will satisfactorily resolve any issues that arise between the company and the work experience candidate during this time
· Our evaluation indicates that students who undergo our training courses are proficient workers and appreciative of the experience

If you’re seeking to assist students into work or require further information please contact Bizness Training Centre on [email protected]

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