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Bookkeeping and Accounts

Bookkeeper jobs are always in demand

What is bookkeeping?

A bookkeeper’s job is to keep an accurate record of the money coming into a company as sales and the money going out/ being spent. You prepare all the accounts up to the point of the ‘trial balance’ and in some cases some bookkeeper jobs require you to also produce the ‘final account – known as the profit and loss and balance sheet’. A qualified accountant will then check the records and make any adjustments and audits before filing accounts and tax return to the Inland Revenue and other statutory bodies.

Bookkeeping careers description:

Bookkeeper jobs are demanding, exciting, and very rewarding. As a bookkeeper you are at the centre of the action in any and every organisation. All departments have a financial impact and as such you will find yourself dealing with people at all levels of the organisation. It is about understanding how a business works and then providing accurate figures that reflect the activities that have happened.

Bookkeeper jobs are very flexible. It can be done as an employee working for a company, as a self employed person working from home and fit around your family/personal life or as a practising bookkeeper working with a firm of accountants. This flexibility makes bookkeeper jobs attractive to men and women of all ages and from all backgrounds whether they be career changers, mums working part time or young people starting a career in finance. Bookkeeper jobs provides outstanding career opportunities.

 Bookkeeping and Accounts Level 1, 2 & 3 Traineeship

Who should attend the course?

· People currently working in an accounting role who want to improve or consolidate their working knowledge.
· New recruits into a junior accounting role
· Self-employed people who want to set up or improve their accounts function and cut down on their accountant’s bills.
· Office administrators and professionals who have the accounts function or understanding of finance as part of their role.
· People seeking to develop foundation skills in book-keeping and accounts

Aim of the Course

The full course costs £700 and is 7 weeks long and aims to build student confidence and develop the individual’s theoretical knowledge and ability to use basic bookkeeping principles and processes in the context of a simple sole trader or small organisation.


· Basic math’s qualification
· An understanding of the English language is desirable or,
· A minimum of 3 GCSEs at grade D including English

Want to Apply for this Course?

To apply visit How To Apply and complete an application form and send it to
[email protected]; you will hear from us shortly, within the application process you will have a chance to discuss payment options or receive answers to any of your questions.

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