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Job Club


Our Career Management Programme, Steps into Work, aims to deliver guidance and direction. Our aims are to help you:

· Use what skill and knowledge you have to become successful in effectively managing your career
· Take responsibility for your life and career even during economic downturns or recessions
· Make the transition from education to work, business or vice versa
· We offer valuable and practical work placements for 12 weeks

For more information on Steps into Work or Job Club contact us:
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 020 8709 2085 or 07891 835 377

Like any other aspect of your life, your career should be properly planned and directed –

With our programme you will join a series of Job Club workshops and 1-2-1 coaching sessions that will cover aspects of the career management process such as goal setting, CV writing, interview skills, confidence building and choosing the right career for you.

The Job Club workshops will be a personal development journey through learning and activities. Active participation will encourage you to understand the recruitment competition and develop skills/abilities most valued by employers such as communication, problem solving, creativity, presentation skills and team working.

These qualities are what employers look for in an employee and this approach reflects the content of the Job Club workshop.

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